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Tips Before You Pump

No one ever plans for septic problems but Skyline Plumbing & Septic is here to help you resolve your septic problems as quick and as cost effective as possible. Here are some tips that may help you as you try to get your septic problem resolved:


Call Skyline and we will give you a quote to pump your septic tank for a standard 1000 gallon single compartment tank and digging up the tank lid 12” deep or less.  This price covers most of the tanks we pump.  There is sometimes an additional charge if the tank lid is over 15 inches underground or if we pump out over 1000 gallons. This charge for the extra gallons is due to the fact that the Sewage Treatment Plant charges Skyline a disposal fee based on the number of gallons we dump.
All homes built after 1999/2000 have a TWO compartment tank and the State Health Department regulations require that BOTH COMPARTMENTS be pumped.  This usually requires an additional expense for digging up the outlet end of the tank but it needs to be done so the tank can be completely pumped out and the filter can be checked.  The filter can usually be cleaned and rarely does it have to be replaced.
Don’t be fooled by some septic companies who quote you a low price just to get into your yard.  Upon arrival they will suck extra money right out of your wallet.  Many of these companies charge extra for each hose they have to pull off the truck to pump your tank, a disposal fee, a fee for extra sludge, fuel surcharge or they may even charge you to locate your tank.  Some companies base price is for pumping a smaller tank than most people have then they automatically add on for extra gallons. If you shop around be sure to ask the company what factors make the price they quoted you change.
There are some companies out there who are also selling customers on a "Chemical Treatment" for their Field Line System or Jetting Out the Field Line System in order to try to repair a faulty Drain Field System.  We recommend that you contact your local Environmental Health Department and ask their opinion before you have this type of work done.
Any alterations to the drain field or replacement of the drain field is required to be permitted by the local Environmental Health Department.
The local County Environmental Health Department regulates Septic Systems in Georgia.  If you have questions you can contact them at the following numbers:
Paulding County Env. Health: 770-443-7877
Douglas County Env. Health: 770-920-7311
Cobb County Env. Health: 770-435-7815

Why wait? Give us a call today at 770-443-2445.
To learn more about septic systems check out these links to the state of Georgia Environmental Health Department website.