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Toilet Repair and Replacement

No one wants to talk about toilets, but in my business we don't have a choice. In fact, it's my obligation to tell you that your "current" toilet's poor performance is not your imagination. Oh, it looks like a toilet and does pretty much what they're designed to do --except for one thing...

It's wasting water. It's the old "good intentions/bad results" scenario. Congress passed a law to reduce water consumption, and the law mandated that new toilets use only 1.6 gallons of water. This is-in many cases-less than half of the "old" standard toilet what would flush a shoe to Cheyenne.

While the law is good, the toilet designs are bad. And that has led to something almost comical: The "new, conserving" toilets must regularly be flushed two or more times, which means they use more water than the "old"toilets. The problem is so bad that the government set up a Toilet Testing Lab (not kidding) to see if a 1.6 gallons could really even work as designed. Of the hundreds of toilets tested, they found exactly 7 that worked.

And we've got the best one. Kohler works first time, every time. As plumbers, we know quality, and this is superb. The enamelized procelain is superior; as are the fittings, valves, and seriously engineered construction. So if you are the least bit frustrated with the poor quality, "double flushing" leak-prone toilet in your otherwise fine home, please give us a call.

It's Guaranteed: If we install your new toilet we warranty it for a full year against leaks and defects. So call us right now for a no obligation visit!