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Water Heaters

Whether your water heater is gas or electric, residential or commercial, Skyline has the knowledge and skills to get your water heater repaired. Many times your water heater may just need a new thermostat, element or thermocouple.  However, if you water heater is leaking from the tank then it will probaby have to be replaced.  Skyline can supply and install  a properly sized water heater that will supply the needs of you and your family the same day in most cases. 

We carry Rheem water heaters and if you prefer another brand then we can also supply that for you just let us know when you call. We offer a fifty gallon gas water heater for under One thousand fifty dollars during regular hours in most instantances.

All gas water heaters starting in 2003 are Flammable Vapor Iginition Resistance (FVIR) which are no longer required to be sat on an eighteen inch high stand because the entire combustion  chamber is tightly enclosed and are much safer than the old style open flame water heaters.

As a service to you we also do required plumbing code upgrades to help keep your family safe and also to help for when you decide to sell you home. One important aspect that many companies miss is; if you have added a basement bath and bedroom downstairs during your time in your home then your water heater may be undersized and will need upgraded another ten gallons in size to be able to pass a home inspection of a future buyer so please keep this in mind when you give us a call.

So don't delay, Call Skyline NOW at 770-439-3407 to get your hot water flowing again!